Is this statement true or false. a) TRUE b) FALSE 5) Choose the correct netiquette rules a) Read the message before you send it. b) use offensive language 


Rule 1 don’t plagiarize its stealing! You wouldn’t want someone taking credit for your hard work. If you do use someone else’s information please make sure to acknowledge them with citing their

Substantiv. etiquette. Visa bild. rules governing socially acceptable behavior.

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174. etiquette. etiquettes. Substantiv. etiquette. Visa bild.

Never forget that the person reading your mail or posting is, indeed, a person, with feelings that can be hurt. Corollary 1 to Rule #1: It's not nice to hurt other people's feelings. Corollary 2: Never mail or post anything you wouldn't say to your reader's face.

The word netiquette is a combination of ’net’ you will find that each group has its own accepted rules of behaviour. Many of these have come about because of technical limitations.

It is applied to e-mail conversations, forum postings, and instant messaging. The Internet has its own culture, so to avoid offending anyone these rules were developed (Shea, 1994). Netiquette is all about the code of behavior established for communicating online. The rules for netiquette will vary, depending on the context (formal/informal); the people (known/unknown to each other) and the activity.

The great-great-grandson of Emily Post carries on her well-mannered tradition with netiquette rules for social media, online dating, work, and more.

If you are not a professional in a field in real life, don’t pretend to be on the internet. 2.

svara Vi ber dig följa de riktlinjer som beskrivs under Netiquette. The ethical guidelines are intended for professionals working in public sector 10B FAIR PLAY RULES instruction also involve the teaching of netiquette.
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Netiquette rules

In the meantime, use the following golden rules for good netiquette to keep things positive online! 2017-08-11 This is a golden rule in general but very important for good netiquette. Don’t assume that your recipients have the same sense of humour as you – at least not at first.

Netiquette guidelines are a set of rules that dictate what tasteful and respectful online behavior is. How to speak respectfully without taking part in disrespect or bullying is among the main reasons why we need these rules.
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What is Netiquette? Netiquette is a set of informal rules or conventions which can help ensure your online communication is clear, respectful and courteous. There  

Much like traditional etiquette, which provides rules of conduct in social situations, the purpose of netiquette is to help construct and 36 quotes have been tagged as netiquette-rules: Germany Kent: ‘Don't promote negativity online and expect people to treat you with positivity in person.’ What is netiquette? The word is a combination of the words ‘net’ and ‘etiquette.’ It is defined as the “rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computer networks Social Etiquette in real life is ingrained into our social life, although etiquette in technology, commonly referred to as netiquette, is a fairly recent concept. The rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over the Internet are different from those applied when communicating in person or by audio (such as telephone) or videophone .