Opel köptes upp 1929 av amerikanska General Motors som ägde Opel till I sportsegmentet blir Opel Manta Opels storsäljare efter framgångarna med Opel GT.


2007 Opel GT. The development of the Opel GT is a prime example of transcontinental collaboration within GM. It stems from the decision to expand the concern's 

Tillverkning av kylskåp höll företaget vid liv. Men år 1948 tog GM kontrollen av företaget  Antennadapter Chrysler, Chevrolet, Opel GT, Mustang. 98 kr. Antennadapter GM 88-. 98 kr. AutoDAB-rattstyrningskablage Chevrolet Cruze/Orlando.

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Come join the discussion about restorations, engine swaps, modifications, classifieds Jan 30, 2014 What looks like a 2/3-scale early C3 Corvette is actually an Opel product, GM's German subsidiary that's been in the car manufacturing business  1971 Opel GT The Opel GT was a small two-seater from GM's famed German subsidiary. Underneath, it's an Opel Kadett, a small rear-drive car that was pretty   A full buyer's guide for the Opel GT (1968-1973) including specs, common about; the running gear did come from some of GM's more prosaic models after all. Jul 23, 2019 But GM built one more mid-engine sports car that you might have forgotten. A 2007 Opel GT, the replacement for the Speedster. Opel.

Vauxhall köptes 1925 av General Motors. Under 1970-talet slog GM samman stora delar av den europeiska delen där Vauxhall blev en del av Opel.

Liksom General Motors, som förvärvade Opel i slutet av tjugo-talet, var Opel GT utformades huvudsakligen av GM: s Clare MacKichan, som 

New water pump-4 new tires-New battery-New weber carburetor-3236 manual choke-1.9L Engine-Runs and starts GM builds a Miata fighter for the future (picture) The Opel GT Concept proves that there is a space in the future for small, lightweight sports coupes. Opel GT Source, Tuolumne, CA. 2,366 likes · 10 talking about this · 21 were here.

PNC, Delkod, GM-delenummer, Titel, Kvantitet, Information, i. 7, 48 04 028 · 15859805, TÄTNINGSLIST,VINDRUTA (NLS - ANVÄND 25835371 48 10 677), 1.


This FR layout two-seater was built by Opel, the then-German subsidiary owned by GM. It was only made for five years and the last model rolled off the assembly lines in Bochum over 40 years ago, so you’re more likely to see one on blocks (or under a leaf-covered tarp) than driving around your local strip. Opel's first turbocharged car was the Opel Rekord 2.3 TD, first shown at Geneva in March 1984.
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The Open GT  Apr 15, 2018 In this video, I show several clips of my Opel GT, highlight interesting design features and talk about the history of the GT from the beginning of  Aug 23, 2018 Opel revealed a new car - the gt x experimental. it is only a concept car but PSA Group's acquisition of the brand by GM less than a year ago. Sep 16, 2012 Where these decent cars for the day and Opel/GM should have kept building them or where they a burn with fire car?

På en direkt fråga om det fanns några planer på en Pontiac Solstice coupé (som heter Opel GT i Europa) så svarade han att x22det vore logisktx22.
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Upptäck Opel. Se våra aktuella kampanjer och erbjudanden. Kör en ny plug-in hybrid, elbil, SUV, kombi, småbil eller familjebil. Djärv design & tysk kvalitet.

Opel GT is making a comeback in the form of a stunning two-seat roadster that could also make automobile history. Opel will present the all-new GT to the international public for the first time at Despite the objections of a stodgy group of Opel executives over a limited-production sports car, Lutz took an unorthodox approach to getting approval for the unorthodox Opel GT. Lutz, who graduated from Stanford's business school after serving in the Marines, joined GM's Overseas Planning Office in New York in 1963, but soon transferred to Opel's marketing department in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Motorn är placerad bakom framaxeln, likt den tidigare Opel GT och storasyskonet inom GM-koncernen – Chevrolet Corvette. Men motorstorleken är rejält bantad jämfört med Corvetten. Under den långa huven på Opel GT sitter en 1-liters turbomatad trecylindrig bensinmotor som ger 145 hästkrafter. Vridmomentet anges till 205 Nm. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators The Opel GT falls under the “quirky” category of the 60’s and 70’s fastback world.